None of us is as good as all of us together

Our objetive →

Develop innovative business models that generate benefits for society, in order to increase our training in the business field.

We are a multidisciplinary team that seeks continuous learning and business development by generating value to the market. We always maintain an open mindset complemented by critical thinking that allows us to build our own personality while never persevering in difficult times.


Óscar Mul

 Sociable, analytical and creative

Esther Vicario

Strategic, dynamic and creative

Francisco Rodríguez

Intrepid, analyst and innovator

Pablo Monge

Adaptable, empathetic and sincere


María Villar

Persistent, committed and planning

Jaime Ontiveros

Observer, analyst and entrepreneur

Ismael Sáiz

Efficient, resilient and enterprising

Andrea Suárez

Committed, organizing and optimistic

Carlos Rodríguez

Curious, persistent and dreamy